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02-13-2010, 12:22 AM
Originally Posted by voidtarget View Post
I have your solution... get out of tier 1 and tier 2.... finally klingon get battlecruisers and the style changes...
reach top level before complaining about something, honestly.
Agree. But what I don't like is that the BC is the only survivable ship... those of us that play BoP in T3, that's where I am on klink side, get CC and focus fired pretty quick because feds know that they need to knock out the dps so they can tackle the cruisers. I'm not knocking the feds cause it makes sense. But they need an individual CC breaker... yes I know there are plenty of group abilities to handle CC. ie Science Team, Extend Shields... but us BoP are usually out of reach because we have to stay out of reach of all but 1 fed ship because it only takes that 1 ship to take down our forward shields pretty quick and then it's turn and try to run. However, by then yer CC'd focus fired... dead. I think escorts, BoP, raptors need some love... maybe an improved evasive... but all ships should have an individual CC breaker that is trainable... a crew drill to reestablish system and counter the attack.... do it like in CO... tap tap tap