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02-13-2010, 12:45 AM
Originally Posted by ptaki
Just my 2 cents and it'll make sci captains more useful....

This fixes 2 problems, the feds balling up and the huge wait for action cause of cloaks.

I got this idea watching an episode of TNG last night, The one where they set of a net of ships to dectect the romulans who were cloaked trying to give duras supplies.

Heres my solution and why I think it will work....

Fix the sci captions sensor scan, give it 2 cool downs, If it hits a target for the debuff keep the cool down the same, If your doing it without a target shorten the cool down to 10 seconds.

This way we can better detect cloaked ships, how does this help? Heres on scenerio

The fed balls sitting there, klinks are cloaked no ones doing anything, the feds start to senser sweep to deteck cloaks but since there balled up its easily avoided by the klinks, even if the ball moves klinks move, but since the balls moving it may open up pvp by giving the klinks some position.

But if the Feds want to be more effective they have to widen the net, loosen up the ball a little bit, this will help jump start pvp, this way you got you three stay together, crusiser come with me I'll try to smoke them out, I do a scan the one klink by himself was lucky and was a little to far away and now has 10 seconds, hey firends come here quick!!!! I mean the possibilities are endless.

And before the klinks say its not fair, remember you'll still Never be detected if you keep moving and the feds will never get you unless they move.

I play a sci captain I don't want to stay in a ball, but I run my sensers and now i gotta wait a minute, give me a 10 sec cool down, That way I can try hunting so if I die at least I'm doing something I hate sitting around.
I have news for you,

Yesterday our team was completed, 5 Carriers in one Premade.

We be rolling your way nau !

Cloak works just fine atm, some Sci ships see us ridiculously far away but its not a problem anymore as i sit in a Carrier