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02-13-2010, 12:48 AM
Originally Posted by faithborn
just give up, your not gonna win the arguement, get one of them EPS dohickies (cant remember the name, im tired) and slap full power to engines and evasive out, you'll still get a good 15 km if you suck.
But thats not about it. Its about even more increasing the gap between EP skills, in favour of EP-S BO abiltiy. Really if the logic behind this, is to force all people in 2xEP-S,3xRPS, we wont see many subscribers after first month ://

Full power to engines is nothing, compared to the speed boost of EP-E :/ Im more concerned about the fact, they dont balance/fix important skills, but pick on skills like this. If this how the developement of this is going, we have dark days ahead.

There are bugged skills like aux to battery, wich doesnt even make sense sometimes (the CDs), raising their ranks does nothing etc. But in their wisdom, they changed math on a BO skill, wich noone complained about ?