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02-13-2010, 01:57 AM
Originally Posted by Acerion View Post
Viral matrix really needs to be addressed, Currently the only thing removes viral matrix once its on you is attack pattern omega, unless someone else happends to put science team on you. You cannot use science team to get out of it because your whole bar is grey, even if you put science team on your ship b4 viral matrix goes off, it still doesn't stop it. So unless your in an escort you cannot get it off yourself.
Last night i got 4 times Viraled, and my friend used Science team on me every time,


it worked 3 times, and one time it didnt. When i wasnt freed i yelled in speech soft that WTF FREE ME NAU, and he said he mistakenly pushed space before using Science team on me .... Thus meaning he shooted an enemy ship with his guns and used Science team on himself.


I assume the bugged Science team reports are just coz of that or some confuse effect from the enemy side that your target switches and then you just drool klik your talents. (note... klik).