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02-13-2010, 01:49 AM
I assume the bugged Science team reports are just coz of that or some confuse effect from the enemy side that your target switches and then you just drool klik your talents. (note... klik).
Nah, I've had it happen in PvE, too. Several times I went 1v1 with a Romulan Warbird and used Science Team on myself while the VM Probe was in flight, but I still got held for the full duration; other times Science Team worked just fine.

Uhhh wut? It's fine if science team bugs out? Ya, real consolation to the guy that just died.
Let me introduce you to a concept known as "teamwork."

"Oh no, my teammate just got frozen with VM, I should Science Team him! <uses the ability, but it bugs out> Drat, he's still frozen! Well, at least he gets the resist buff and shield boost. Now I guess I'll need to use Hazard Emitters, Extend Shields, or Engineering Team (after the shared CD is over) on him. Along with that, it would be a good idea to lock out, or at least weaken, some of his attackers with my own Viral Matrix, and/or Subnucleonic Beam, and/or Target Weapons Subsystem, and/or Tractor Beam when they're at an unfavorable angle, and/or Tyken's Rift, etc..."

Would your team be in a better position if Science Team didn't bug? Yes.
Is Viral Matrix an "I win" button like some people claim? No.
Is Viral Matrix unmanageable? Absolutely not (as long as your team isn't worthless - if it is, you have bigger problems than Viral Matrix to deal with).