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02-13-2010, 03:22 AM
Okay did i just read this correctly THERE IS NO PLANS FOR FEMALE MIRROR UNIVERSE OUTFITS !!

For crying out loud !!!!

i have CO life and the mirror universe costume i thought be nice to have for my female characters in STO, i am quite upset if this is the case, you should not discriminate against the girls !!

I was under impression that all costume pieces male and female would be included in the game, no where dio it ever say males only when i aquired my CO life.

I am on a campaign to get skirts and long hair in the game for all genders, and well Cryptic should have had these in the game from the off. The made COh, they made CO both games have a selection of decent skirts and long hair.

Why is it they dont want to give us skirts and long hair for this game ??

I am hapy to buy skirt option on ctore if it becomes an option but i think they should have been included in the game from the start or ro be appled in a forth coming patch, which would pelase alot more of who want this costume piece.

So come on Cryptic please listen and give us the choice we want on our costumes, its not as tho there wasnt any skirts or mini dresses in ST universe, so i really cant see your problem with not including them.

Please get these in game Cryptic, as you can see there is big demand for these items.