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02-13-2010, 03:19 AM
Originally Posted by Adrian-Thorn View Post
Okay, the above poster is obviously crazy.

That being said, OP is right. Fleet actions need some fine tuning - but if you read around the forum you realize everything needs some work. From weapons, to PVP queues, to costuming, in virtually every aspect of this game we can find some glaring short coming. While I think its good to vocalize this, I also think it may be better to step back, chill out, and recognize that it will be a while before something like this is addressed. The Klingons have no PvE content - thats going to take a while to solve and its certainly going to be addressed befored this
but that' s exactly my point. Fleet Actions ARE part of the PvE conent and and should be played. After all we get more of it "sold" as PvE content with the "great Klingon patch". It needs as you say a lot of tuning. What do I have from PvE content if it is worthless and boring and have less reward and no fun after all? Noone will play it and so you' ll stay playing Cracked Planetoid. Thinking of that and the future of this game I find it important to mention out everything what needs a redesign but not only the PvP or balancing Fleet Actions could be a very nice part of the game designed for FLEETS but not random groups at first and then as mentioned above much better AI and tougher bosses and more organization within the scenarios don' t care wether ground or space. It' s disappointing to see Cryptic acting without any love for the detail or Star Trek.