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02-13-2010, 04:04 AM
Originally Posted by Hundredth View Post
Beyond the daily quest, there's not really any point logging on your klingon character. While it is fun, that alone may not be enough. Klingon T5 is less an MMO and more like Quake3 at the moment, in the sense that it's fun to play, but you don't really get anywhere with your character except into the next deathmatch. There's no story, there's no character progress, there's no crafting, there are no goals.

But you forgot to mention, thats the same on Federation side !!! :p

Overall, there is nothing to do after you reach Admiral 5 until doing your daily for those really "imba" (*sarcasm off*) epic shield which gives you a few points more in capacity and regeneration...

Really, what should we do?

1) PvPing??
- its not possible cuz noone seems to play Klingon anymore, understandably enough
- its senseless cuz you have already all the stuff you could get for the "normal" badges

2) Flying Missions??
- which Missions...they were all done
- if you had some left...why? The reward is mostly only Mark IX and you will already have slotted everything with Mark X

3) Doing Deep Space Encounters?
- you dont need any Skillpoints after the hastely implementation of the skill cap
- you dont get better loot! Mostly is dropping white or green Mark IX, but again, you are fitted with green/blue Mark X

4) Doing Exploration except for the daily one?
- again, why collecting further badges?? You have all what you needs...and when Cryptic would came out with new gear for badges, there will be new sort of badges to collect