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09-19-2008, 03:21 PM
Originally Posted by Vicelance View Post
So playable Horta will be in the game at some point?

Though I don't know how a living rock is going to pilot a ship or do anything else on board ship. Though I want one.

Nice to hear we can use any ship regardless of our specialty, so maybe I can have a medical specialty and still fly my Akira which would more likely be a tactical specialty ship,
Well, in the Romulan Way, by Diane Duane (Pocket Books, sometime in the 80's), there was a Horta Ensign on board the Enterprise. It was a baby of the Horta that Spock mind melded with. They found it was useful in the geology lab as it could differentiate minerals by taste. I might be thinking of the wrong book.

It was also useful in combat as it could eat through rock and metal walls.

And yep, I vote for playable Horta first.