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# 5 Etiquette
02-13-2010, 07:04 AM

These guidelines might seem like common sense, but it is surprising how many players forget that they are playing with and against fellow players (paying subscribers), who have as much stake in the game as they do.
  • Wait for Even Population
    Until the PVP queues are fixed to populate maps evenly -- or delay the start of match until populations are even -- there will often be mismatched numbers of players on either side. If you want to maximise your fun and the fun of your opponent, wait until both teams have even numbers.

    You can check this by clicking the Report button in your PVP UI window (which lists all players ever to have entered your map instance), and then match those names to a local Search in the Social window (O key).

    It is a good idea to confirm that this is your plan in Zone chat, so an outnumbered enemy won't leave or solo zerg in frustration (which would prematurely end the match before it even starts).

  • Do Not Spawn Camp
    Spawn camping is when one team sits at the Zone entrance and kills newcomers as soon as they enter the instance. Everyone hates when this is done to them, yet some still inflict it upon others. As above, until the PVP queues are fixed to populate maps evenly, or safety is provided for spawn points, spawn camping can still happen.

    So if you encounter this, you can either accept that the enemy team will most likely win due to gaining an early lead in points, or you can leave the map and queue for a different PVP map.

    Joining queues as a full team helps minimise the damage. Otherwise, if you want to avoid this happening to you, then show common courtesy: respect your fellow players and do not spawn camp. The cycle must end somewhere, set a higher standard, this is what separates us from them, etc. etc.

    Or, petition the DEVs to change the game mechanics so that spawn camping becomes impossible.

  • Accept Victory with Grace, Defeat with Dignity
    Many will claim they earned their bragging rights, and many more will claim they deserve to cry about their loss. Just remember that you are speaking to fellow players who can influence the development of the game. Also remember that antagonised players will leave the game (or simply stop PVPing), depriving you of your precious food supply.

    Compliment your enemy, learn from them, do better. Who knows: some of the people you play with/against might prove a potential candidate for your team or Fleet.


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