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02-13-2010, 07:46 AM
Epic crash and burn failure on both my conservative test, and outrageous theory...

First the conservative;

VEL + Tula Wine = STL

That means we've now completely exhausted all 72% food combinations with VEL/HIG/GRI/DAX

And the real bummer... I was attempting to combine NIE + YU +ZEN + 3 Quadro to hit the ultimate tribble. Result, 1 quadro used up (so 2 left), and a single pathetic STL to show for it.

Why this particular test? Well NIE + YU + ZEN is fairly obvious, the 3 highest tirbbles known, and 1 each of damage, regen, and resist. As for the 3 Quadro, well for one, Quadro is the only 72% food/drink that has not resulted in a rare tribble of any kind. And for two, Quadro was the origional food the tribbles were snacking in in TOS 'The Trouble with Tribbles' episode, so it seemed fitting. Also we only have 1 unknown Tribble remaining that's been pictured, and ZIN was named after STO's executive producer, meaning we're basically there at the top, and the name of one of Cryptic's head honcho's would be fitting for the ultimate Tribble so to speak.

But no, no dice. and now I am fresh out of ideas as to where our lone remaining Tribble may be from. (Not to mention most of the 72% food/drink)