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# 1 Crash after Crash
02-13-2010, 07:54 AM
I bought this new computer last year. I have played WOW for years and started playing **** without any problems, then I started playing Star trek online from the Beta, so far I have not been able to play without the game is crashing every 30 minuts or so with all kinds of problems.

My System:
GeForce GT 230
Ram 6 GB
Intel Core i7 CPU
Windows Vista 64-bit

I have tried to turn down all settings to 50% but the game is still crashing. (at 50% on all settings it looks like the graphich on my old "spectrum" from the old days - everything blured out - old days yes I have been a programmer myself for 30 years and my hobby is online games)

Its starting to **** me off after paying for a 6 month period, normally I would simply drop a poor programed game like this, but now Im just hanging in until the time runs out before dropping the game if this continues.