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02-13-2010, 08:45 AM
Short term

1. Give players the option to lock in a third person follow mode during space combat, you would make escort captains everywhere rejoice.

2. More fleet action, and keep it hard like CE has been lately. Don't cave in to people who don't want to be challenged.

3. Better overall description of what skills effect what abilities and so on.

4. A TRUE Z AXIS WHEN IN SPACE. A TRUE Z AXIS WHEN IN SPACE. A TRUE Z AXIS WHEN IN SPACE. It is utterly ridiculous this does not exist already.

5. Lay off on the asteroids.

Mid Term

1. Ditch the skill cap and give us a way to respec. At least one of these two.

2. More ships plz.

3. Introduce DIPLOMACY into the game. Add puzzle missions, things that require strategy and thought.

Loooooong Term

1. Completely overhaul ground missions. Enough of this scan something, then scan something else, then scan three more crap. OH NO, watch out for the Baktula whilst you're at it! Get creative, I know plenty of creative people if you need help.

2. Make the bridge more of an essential instead of just a novelty to walk around on with buddies. Let's see some real bridge action. Let's see ground combat in space via boarding parties -- and not just in PVE, PVP too.

3. More playable factions.