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02-13-2010, 10:32 AM

- Fix shadow glitching on ship in space.
- Add episodic content for Klingons (as well as Romulans and Cardassians when and if they become available)
- Fix shadow glitching on ship models in space. (yeah this one is a big one for me)

- Romulan and Cardassian factions with full ship customization like the Feds have.
- Klingon ship customization like the Feds have.
- More Fleet Actions
- More exploration variety. (I dont know how many planets I have been too that had the memory alpha like structure.)

- I like the branching story arc mission idea so I am gonna put that here as well.
- More sector blocks
- Interaction with familiar Star Trek races. Such as the Children of Tamar, Tzenkethi, Hrada so on. Whether it be taking missions from them, talking to them, or blowing them out of the stars.
- Eventually adding areas for the Gamma, and Delta Quadrant. How about making all Delta Quadrant sector blocks open PvP and territorial gain. Somehow be able to court the Delta Quadrant races to your factions side until the sector block they are in gets taken over. Such as as long as the Kazon sector is under your control random Kazon fleets will patrol the sector block and engage enemy players but not you. And then when the opposing faction take over the Kazon will patrol for them and attack you and your faction.