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02-13-2010, 10:38 AM
Short Term

Short/Mid-term (I am unsure where these would fall)
  • More sorting and searching features in the Auction House, such as Alphabetical Sorting and Sorting by Price. As well as being able to search for a Mk V item and not see the Mk VI's, for example.
  • Allow dragging and dropping of items into the Exchange Search Field, whithout the [brackets] to allow easier method of looking up the going rate on items.
  • Have some sort of safe-guard or rework the auto-squelch feature for those abused by it and wrongly auto-squelched. Not sure if this is something that can be done technically or might just need quicker response times to them by a Game Master. Or at least allow squelched players to still be able to whisper those in their Friends list, so their friends do not thing you are ignoring them. As well as be able to chat in any Channels that you are the Owner of for the afore-mentioned reason.

Long Term
  • Allow public access to one's bridge by other player's should the Captain be on it and have it set to allow. This could show the ship in Sector Space, or wherever it is when the Captain went to the bridge, with a public icon above the ship letting players know they can freely beam over to that ship's bridge.
  • Crew Quarters complete with decorative features as well as being able to allow other players to come visit that part of the ship as well.
  • Missions that take place upon your own ship and are unique for that Class/Tier of ship.
  • More Tribble Missions! Loved the one I did with a friend last night, hope to see more tribble-based ones.
  • More Time Traveling Missions. I am a sucker for time travel.

Probably think of more