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02-13-2010, 12:12 PM
Originally Posted by Darain
I bought this new computer last year. I have played WOW for years and started playing **** without any problems, then I started playing Star trek online from the Beta, so far I have not been able to play without the game is crashing every 30 minuts or so with all kinds of problems.

My System:
GeForce GT 230
Ram 6 GB
Intel Core i7 CPU
Windows Vista 64-bit

I have tried to turn down all settings to 50% but the game is still crashing. (at 50% on all settings it looks like the graphich on my old "spectrum" from the old days - everything blured out - old days yes I have been a programmer myself for 30 years and my hobby is online games)

Its starting to **** me off after paying for a 6 month period, normally I would simply drop a poor programed game like this, but now Im just hanging in until the time runs out before dropping the game if this continues.
Poor programed game? Are you serious? Its your fault that you cant see that graphics and your crashing...not cryptics. Why don't you post that last comment in a different whining thread eh?