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# 505 My Gameplay Wishlist
02-13-2010, 12:16 PM
(In no particular order)

1. Correct "Error spending skill points on officers." These occur for no particular reason. I think it may have been fixed in the recent patch but previously it only happened on random occasions.

2. Sticky chat channels. In other words, if I was to type in /fleet, /team, etc. to talk to someone, then the next time I press enter to open up the dialogue box, it should auto-revert to the previous channel I was speaking in.

3. Drag and drop inventory items to hotbar should be enabled. It's annoying to have to go into the inventory, then equip it, then arrange it on my hotbar.

4. Hotbars (especially for ship combat) are not staying visible when zoning in and out of instances/sectors. I have to re-enable my secondary and tertiary hotbar almost every time.

5. Stackable inventory items. All consumable items (i.e. hyposprays, shield charges, etc.) should automatically stack when looted into inventory. It seems like it does this on some occasions and not others.

6. The "Buy Back" option for items sold to a vendor should remain active until you leave the area (i.e. transport to ship) instead of going away after exiting from the vendor.

7. Tracking team members. It would be nice to be able to track a team member's location on the map across sectors instead of only within the same one.

8. Warnings before server shutdown. I know this has been mentioned before but for goodness sake, give us at least a 5-min warning before shutting down servers for maintenance. A crash is one thing which understandably can't always be predicted, but its HIGHLY annoying to be logged out in the middle of battle only to find the servers down for maintenance.

9. Auto-reply functions. There should be an option to enable an AFK message should you step away from the computer for an extended period of time. Also, when replying to tells, instead of having to type out "/tell <name>, I believe there should be a one-button press option.

If anything I mentioned has already been solved or if there's some function I wasn't aware of currently in the game, let me know. I'll be checking this periodically for said response.