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02-13-2010, 01:41 PM
Short term - less than 1 month

Video Presets / saving more than 1 for quick changes - ie can use max shadows in space but not ground I want a quick preset for various options

A real manual !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bugs fixes and server up time
Increase difficulty

*** DEATH PENALTY *** - Weapons / equipment decay on death at the minimum. Helps promote crafting as well as cut down on zerging

Search function that works - think WoW bazaar system at the minimum. I can search, sort, etc

Mid term - 2 - 3 months

Better map system - shouldn't have to click tabs to get different galaxy / sector maps should just be able to mouse scroll anywhere to zoom in.

More mission types - they repeat too much
Useful bridge
No warping through planets

better AI for ground party both yours and the enemy - they are retarded
--- Maybe some formation options that give various bonuses and negatives.
--- Have AI team wait til after the grenade I tossed actually hit before they start attacking as it causes the enemy npc's to move before they are hit with the grenade when you first start a battle - obviously not after the battle actually starts.

Bigger maps for planets - frankly the planets should be huge so I can explore and do ground quests not this little 4 x 4 map.

Where are the lifeforms on the planets? No animals to shoot or even look at for that matter. Think Star wars galaxy's when it comes to planets. Maybe not as big planets but that's the idea I'm looking for. Quests, npcs, animals, structures, shops, Where I can build my house, etc.

Increase texture map on maps - when you zoom in they can look blocky

Less food types per tier - I want the stuff to be able to stack instead of taking all my inventory slots up

Long Term - 6 months +

Star Systems that have not been explored. You see a star you fly to it and check it out.

More Factions - Romulans, Cardassians, etc that are playable.

Flowing faction control areas as the war goes on. Make PvP mean something. If the feds are winning we should be taking systems from the Klingons and them take ours. Think Warhammer online here at the minimum.

A real crafting system. Think almost any other major MMO - EQ2, WoW. I want to make stuff - weapons, parts for weapons, health packs, shield boosters, etc. I can think of tons of stuff that should be in a crafting system. I liked EQ2 systems as they was some actual skill involved in the process. Cloth crafter for clothes - you get the idea here.

In this crafting system we need decay on some stuff that just can not be fixed to help reduce long term inflation of items that make it hard for new players to be able to afford anything in game.