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02-13-2010, 01:59 PM
Originally Posted by Zilag
BUMP this if you like the idea!!

Real simple:
  • For patrol and exploration missions.
  • Two sliders: Type and Location.
  • Percentage sliders, from 1%-100%, but only let us range it from 15%-85% to keep some random luck in there.
  • Type: the odds of a random mission being combat or science/exploraiton.
  • Location: the odds of a random mission being space or ground based.
  • That's it.

I bet this would make the appeal of exploration missions MUCH stronger, and put the Trek more into this game. If someone wants to play a crazy Section 31 commando squad, they can do 85% ground and 85% combat, and kick arse all day. If someone wants to be a science officer exploring, go 85% non-combat and mix up the space/ground 50/50.

Like for me, I actually prefer ground missions. I'd probably do something like 75% ground for Location, 50/50 split on combat vs non-combat under Type, on my main character. On my other characters, I'd go differently.

Good idea or bad?
you seem to want to add flexability to cover a larger group of play styles. Sorta like the idea of having that same customization within the mission itself by the mission actually having player decisions and choices, you can play it different ways and have different risk rewards.