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Originally Posted by Zathurus View Post
you seem to want to add flexability to cover a larger group of play styles. Sorta like the idea of having that same customization within the mission itself by the mission actually having player decisions and choices, you can play it different ways and have different risk rewards.
Exactly! Half the complaints are all about various aspects of the game not being preferred, or not fitting their ideal play style (or envisioned play style).

Taken simply, and being stereotypical:
The Kirk fan may take 50/50 space/ground and 75/25 combat/non-combat.
The Picard fan may take 75/25 space/ground and 25/75 combat/non-combat.
The Sisko fan may take 15/85 space/ground and 75/25 combat/non-combat.
The Janeway fan may take 85/15 space/ground and 50/50 combat/non-combat.
The Archer fan may take 60/40 space/ground and 70/30 combat/non-combat.
...all based on what I recall of the trends of each television show.