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02-13-2010, 02:30 PM
Hi everyone

A couple of quick reminders:

- Please just post your top requests! The thread is here to make sure that everyone's feedback is heard - on th back end, the developers are very likely tallying it up to see how many players want X vs. how many players want Y, and so on.

- Please don't discuss other people's posts! I know that we see ideas we love or things that we think we can add to, but we don't want to derail the feedback with discussion if we can avoid it. If you see something that you think merits further discussion, start a thread about it (and link that thread in your feedback)

- If the thread gets too big to be managed, I have asked Phoxe to please "snapshot" it, close it down, and start a continuation thread. There's a lot of posts but you don't need to read through them all - it's not that kind of thread

- Some people have posted questions about how to do things in game - if you have questions that other players can answer, please visit the Starfleet Academy forum! Odds are, someone else has already posted that answer for you. You can find a helpful index stickied at the top of that forum with links to many guides that have been written.