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02-13-2010, 02:45 PM
Originally Posted by Claymori
So, let me see if I'm reading this right ? What Coderanger / the devs are telling us here is that we have 2 chioces to how we choose to play this game ?

1: The 1980's retro style.
Play the game with as low as you can go settings (no matter how good your machine), to compensate for the utter crap loading times / bugs / server issues.

Hmmm, not really my prefered option to be honest. Call me common, but I like all my mod cons.


2: The look all you like you can't see anything style.
Try to run the game with "all the whistles and bells" extra cool graphics, beautifully majestic lighting effects, sumptious textures etc....that they designed it to utilise.............

............. and never actually see the cool graphics, beautifully majestic lighting effects, sumptious textures etc because they can't be loaded in any kind of timeframe relating to this millenium. Again, not really one my favorite options.

Hmm, I think I'd pass on both those choices Cryptic, thanks. But why don't you allow me to suggest another option, we'll call it option 3 eh ?

3: The Advertised Style.
Play the game with all the whistles and bells, surround sound, with no lag or server errors, reasonable load / transition times and all for the reasonable price of...

_________________USD __ CAD __ GBP __EUR _ _DKK
1-Month Recurring _ 14.99 _16.49 _8.99 _12.99 _82.45
3-Month Recurring _41.97 _46.17 _25.17 _35.97 _230.84
6-Month Recurring _77.94 _85.73 _46.14 _65.94 _428.67

So how about it eh ?

Cryptic : " More boy ? You want more....??"

Me : " Me sir, no sir, please sir, I just want what I paid for sir, sorry sir !! "

Stop trolling. A lot of people who have loading issues either have low spec computers, or badly configured ones, whether they like to admit it or not. Multiple avenues to rectify their problems ahve been given, and they all work.