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02-13-2010, 02:50 PM
Originally Posted by Ray_R
I have to agree with Claymori.

When this game first came out I had hardly any loading issue, now I find myself sitting for 10 to 20 min on some sectors and also when starting up the game.

I'm sorry to say that is going to be a on going issue I don't expect a lot of people to stick with this game. I know it's still new but these are issues the company should be fixing right away.

Also I have to say lowering my video setting really should not be a option. They put all these nice things in the game and now I can't enjoy them. That's not a option in my book.

I play wow and have my settings almost at max and have very few lag issues unless in areas where there are many players and still I can enjoy this game. STO I have yet to enjoy in the last 4 days as I have not been able to get into the damn game because of the 10 to 20 min loading issue. Come on Cryptic get this issue fixed.

Stop comparing STO graphics and systems to wow. Theyre incomparable. WoW cant even run in 32 bit color for christs sake. The textures arent anywhere close to as intricate as STO's. Hell, you can run wow on full graphics on a single core machine with an old x1800 card