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Originally Posted by QueenVoodoo View Post
Short-term requests

- Allow the "report spam" feature in the mailbox to auto-delete the message and ignore the sender
- Fix Commander Teleb (you know who I'm talking about), and perform bug fixes, bug fixes, and more fixes. Don't add more content until you fix more issues.
- Start the hiring process for more Support people (see Mid-term requests)
- Start the hiring process for Technical Writer (see Mid-term requests)
- Start posting a Dev Blog on a more frequent basis (you already do this for Champions)
- Fix fleet logos

Mid-term requests

- Update the "manual" and add real Trek-like end-user gameplay documentation. This honestly wouldn't take a skilled technical writer with a head for online gaming and communication months to do. Call it something interesting (e.g., The Daystrom Institute, or something else that would make the CBS suits happy), and write it in the style of a Star Fleet Technical Manual or Handbook. Hook this information into the game, for example at Memory Alpha or on Earth when you open up the Sol System in the next big content patch.
- Fix fleet uniforms (I should be able to put on my uniform right from the Fleet window. I shouldn't have to go to the tailor. Would be nice if it worked like CoH where you go into "Supergroup Mode" (in this case "Fleet Mode" and your costume changed accordingly.)
- Focus more on improving Support. One person on the forums and one person on the phone with your head of Support taking tickets? That is a broken system. It needs a LOT more TLC (like your documentation).
- Give some damn life to the social zones (i.e., Risa, DS9, various bars). There should be mini-games, Dabo girls, the works. It's utterly lifeless in these areas. Slapping in a bar and bartender and a few NPC patrons is not enough.

Long-term requests

- N/A: Would rather play the game for 30+ days before giving my 2 cents on this.

[Edit: More than three, but oh well. :p]
Adding more to "Mid-term requests":
  • Allow us to change the "Transwarp" location to any major system/base (i.e., Sol, DS9, K7, etc.) after completing the lowbie mission where you help the scientist mine the network so only Star Fleet can use it.
  • Put Quark back in his bar and have him give out "optional" daily quests.
  • Put a hologram of Morn in Quark's bar.
  • Consider my ideas from the post I made in beta (which I wish I could find it to link it!) and the ideas that many have posted about mini-games. I suggested linking accolades and titles to the mini-games.

[Edit: Ok, one "Long-term request":
  • Completely re-vamp your Memory Alpha "crafting" system. It's not crafting, it's a "turn in". I won't belabor the point so many have made, but besides lack of PvE content on the Klingon side, crafting is one of the biggest failures in this game at launch.