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02-13-2010, 03:08 PM
When you zone in, one of the people in the group will get the right to change which people in the party can bring Boffs. Other people who are listed in the party, can change WHICH of their OWN Boffs to bring, as long as they're on that initial list.

I think if someone gets disconnected or joins late, they may not be listed on the "who brings what" list. I've seen this result in all of my boffs showing up (instead of some of mine and some of his), to having generic security npcs take up the spots. If the person shows up again later, it may boot randomly one of your Boffs to let the player join in.

If you have a full party of people doing a quest, you won't get an option to bring any Boffs at all.

And sometimes when it's buggy, you can't change which of your Boffs to bring.