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Originally Posted by narceisis View Post
I love my TriMLD, love love love it. Just cause your particular tactics dont fit well with the thing doesn't mean someone elses wont. Hell I have taken out 2 ships at once with this( in pvp none the less) proper use of this weapon = success hits, and while yes, a hy quant may put out more dps per 65 second cycle, (maybe dont know the CDs on hy, as I dont have the skill anywhere) its about thinking not dps. If done right this thing could pop 3 scorts in a single go round.

Even my flying m8 now switches targets when i let this thing lose as theres no reason to make sure it hits, cause I only fire it when it will.
Lets throw some math at this;

QT4 launcher mk X, green off the badge vendor.
Damage at Admiral? 5500ish per hit.
Not targetable.
6 second reload.

So at a base damage level... It's going to be able to be shot 10 times per the one hit wonder's 60 second reloading. Maybe 8 if you aren't good at keeping things in your firing arcs.

Lets add some skills in.

Works with High Yield 1 (so 11k damage) High yield 2 (3 torps so 18k dmg) high yield 3 (4 torps, etc.)
Works with Spread. For 5k to everything in a cluster about 5km across.
At rank 9 these skills:
1) don't share a timer for different iterations. If you High Yield III, you'll be able to fire one single shot, then high yield II, then high yield III will be ready to use as the launcher recycles.
2) these skills have a 30 second reload.

I want a refund.