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02-13-2010, 04:26 PM
Originally Posted by flowover View Post
I'm pretty certain that exploding them with your weapons doesn't heal it. we had a team of guys clearing frags with phasers and another team focusing all fire on entity. Almost had it done until some fool dropped mines.

This is where it gets hard to tell whats going on. The fragments heal the thing when they smash into something and explode. Like a player's ship. Whenever anyone takes damage from a fragment, it heals.

Guess what's going on when it hits your mines. Mine's are one of those weapons that show up as a target. The fragments then target them, ram them and explode, causing the mine to explode. The fragments are dealing damage to the mine's, not viceversa.

That being explained I'll some up the problem as I've observed it in one sentance. I'm not claiming this to be accurate, maybe I've correlated my observations wrong, but this is my conclusion based on hours of trying.

The Crystalline Entity heals whenever the fragments deal damage.

What peope are missing is that it acts differently under 40%. When it is above that number you can shoot frags all day. Get it down to 40% and the "large fragments" come out. Shoot those and they make small ones that heal it. A few takes it back to full health in no time after half hour or more of knocking it down.

THAT IS THE WORST PART. You work like mad to kill it and one fool comes in shooting large frags and you are right back to square one. One idiot can set back 25 or more good pitlots.