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02-13-2010, 05:13 PM
part 1:

please add a respecc option soon, and improve skill and powers descriptions


please make it possible to upgrade a t4 ship to a tier 5 and so on, i really like escorts, but i want to keep my defiant (it basically would have been much wiser to let people just choose tiers, and seperately choosing ships- how far the cosmetic is concerned), without having any disadvantages (boff slots,device and weaponslots, hull etc-pp, agility upgrades and so on), it could just cost e-points, and WON'T be able through those free-badges.

part 3:

make group playing attractive by having different roles on different shiptypes. so far, some science ships are better tanks, than cruisers; some cruisers a more valuable dd's than escorts. fix that. by that: fix some powers of science vessels, target subsystem is just a "luck" power, that often makes no sense, since shields are up to 100% after 2 seconds (sometimes i even fail to get a HY-salvo through it ...)