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02-13-2010, 04:28 PM
The pre-order bonus ship (original Constitution) is really no different in performance from the Miranda and it's kin...except for an additional Engineering console station.

When it comes to Frigates, the standard is in 3's. You being a Science officer bring a lot more skills to handle multiple enemies than the other classes. So, that leads to a couple things for you to check out:

- What's your power setting when you attack? Are you in balance, speed or attack? If you're in speed settings, change it, as your weapons are almost useless. Balanced is marginally better, as is Defense. But, being in Attack settings means your weapons are getting most of the power and will do more damage.

- In the Light Cruiser facing Frigates (Birds of Prey fit this category also), keep your focus on one ship at a time, drop your speed to 50% and keep turning and balancing your shields. When you get the word that "target's shields have failed", get your nose on the target and torpedo it. Frigate-type enemies don't have much for shields and paper for hulls, so you should be able to get one burned down in a matter of seconds. It's also why they come at you in three's...They know they can't take the punishment, so they overwhelm you with numbers.

- Use you Science skills. I know you don't start out with many (like the rest of us), but as a Science officer, you do get some good ones. Jam Targeting Sensors (Scramble sensors) is great against multiple enemies and is dang fun to watch what happens. You should get a placate pretty early (Jam Sensors, I think)...Pop this on one of the frigates and there's one you don't have to worry about for a few seconds.