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Trek needs something akin to wow's respec character option. Let me tell you why.. because so much crap is unexplained. I have no idea what so many things do and half the time you spend your points on crap, and find out you can't even use it. Example. At lt. commander you can promote your crew now to lt. So.. I promote my main 3. Science, Med, and tactical. But.. you can't use any of the powers at the second tier for those characters, because you only have one (on an escort class ship) spot for only one officer to use tier 2 level skills. Course.. there is no explanation of this, so I and amost everyone I know in my fleet wasted points only to find out we cant use second level stuff on our engineers and science officers. I'm not complaining this is the system, im complaining that its NOT EXPLAINED. And also, why cant there be a function in game that stops you? If your 'equipped' with an escort class, why isnt their a notification or graying out of the option so you cant waste points on things that are useless to you. Game has to do a better job of eliminating options that you can't use that still waste skill pts/money when your doing it only because you figure 'if the option is open, it must be useable'. That's dumb game mechanics. A respec option would allow you to correct these issues without anyone getting an advantage. Still can only use the options they have set up, but you could change things once you realize the game has ****ed you over because it allows you to go off willy nilly purchasing things and then says.. oh.. yah.. we let you buy those.. we just dont let you use them.