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02-13-2010, 05:03 PM
Originally Posted by Spacecode
Most of the times i move in at Defense setting to see how much punch they have ,then i start evasive actions while firing photons. Some ships are firing power drain things at me and i cannot escape them. Only way out is too exit game.

Seems like not enough general information is at hand . My rank is lvl3 and i just cannot generate enough income to do anything.
To be quite honest, I usually just stay in Attack setting, which has most of your power to your weapons, less to your shields and minimal to your engines and aux. In Defense, it's the other way around (more to shields, less to weapons), but you need the extra power to weapons to get through their shields. While my main is a Tactical officer (bonus to weapons), I do have a Science officer alt, and using most of the same tactics I've always used, I don't have a problem with any ship(s) I'm facing.

Another thing to mention is how to engage. With the Light Cruisers (and later, the Cruisers and Science vessels) is when you attack, attack with a side facing, AKA broadside. To maximise this, in your weapons panel, right-click on your arrays, front and back, and make sure they both have a green border. This sets those weapons into Auto-fire mode. Then make your approach and at around 10.5km, turn your side to your target. Once you're in range (9.9km), hit your spacebar. This will fire both array weapons at the same time and keep them firing until you lose line of sight on the target or it's destroyed.

In those ships, a front facing (head to head) attack is putting you at a disadvantage, as you're only bearing one weapon on your target. Putting two on the target with a broadside means your ship's attack is twice as powerful and will hurt a shield twice as bad.

So, basically, keep as much power to weapons as you can, attack with every weapon you can most of the time, and keep balancing your shields. It might take you a bit to get used to a different way of thinking, but you should see an improvement in your combat results.