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02-13-2010, 05:36 PM
Originally Posted by Spacecode
Dont wanna sound dumb but what arrays? all i see on the Hud is 3 weapons skills to fire. I usually on click on the shields when to recharge them.
In a light cruiser, you've got forward two weapons slots and one rear weapon slot. It sounds like one of your forward weapon slots has a torpedo in it (that's pretty standard). If you haven't tried replacing either of the other two weapons, then they are phaser arrays. Phaser arrays have a 270 degree firing arc, which means that the forward and aft firing arcs overlap each other. If you get a target in the area where the two arcs overlap, then both phasers can hit it, allowing you to do twice as much damage as you would if, say the target was directly behind you and only the rear array could hit it.

There are other types of weapons which you could try experimenting with. For example the dual beam bank only has a 90 degree firing arc, the single cannon has a 180 degree firing arc, and dual cannons only have 45 degree firing arcs. A turret has a full 360 degree firing arc. Generally the more restricted the firing arc, the more damage the weapon does -- but of course the more work you'll need to do to get your enemy into your firing arc.

Put your mouse on top of the weapons skills in the HUD. You should see the type of weapon, and the amount of damage it does. If you leave the mouse on the weapon button, after a few seconds, you should also see the firing arc overlayed on top of your ship, so you can see exactly what the weapon covers.

For more info, check [url=]this page out at[url]. There's also a weapons information thread floating around somewhere on these forums.