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02-13-2010, 06:58 PM
Short term:

A respec system, say 3 free once your 50 and then a cost per to buy respecs, maybe ever increasing, or just start off with them costing a million creds thus creating something else the game needs which is a way to have money wasted.

Mid Term:

LOTS of more content, quests, systems. Large scale explorable systems, say 10 -30 times the size of the largest system instance currently that you can say take a group into and have random variables. Like as your flying through them collecting readings and data you come across a distress beacon and have to track down this signal and really use your head to figure it out. I think alot of the draw of Startrek is the having to actually figure things out.

Long term:

More races with added plot twists, say one race added could be allied with the federation, so you would basically be a federation player but have their ships, and then likewise for the klingons. Also maybe another faction or two playable. But hopefully by then there is alot of content added...


I would like to actually be able to walk around my ship, 90% of all star trek life on any of the shows happens everywhere except the bridge... I want to be able to visit my engineering room and med bay, and have holodecks with mini games, maybe even the ability to write simple holo programs... who knows...