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02-13-2010, 07:39 PM
1. Fix sector space, so that I can attack anyone I like, and ability to run away from an engagement.
2. Make survival necessary, and stop with pve spamming (e.g. large groups colliding with other large groups, and effectively joining the fight against you, like 10 vs 1)
3. Another 'BAD' faction, where you can go free and do what you like (e.g. attack others, steal from inventory, have bounty on my head, be able to run and hide, etc.)
4. Delta quadrant with at least Kazon and Borg
5. I want to be able to fight +5 ships longer, and board them (when shields are down) with my officers and do some damage to it internally (e.g. disable warp core), then continue fight in space.
6. I wan't to be able to make my living of trading. I want transport vessels, and be able to buy/sell commodities around for energy credits.
7. I wan't to be able to use replicator as it was intended to. Implement item schematics, then I want to be able to replicate anything I already have schematics for, with use of replicator and matter. Matter should be harvested in space like anomalies.