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02-13-2010, 08:10 PM
Originally Posted by Darkstahr View Post
Comparing a new MMO developer with a fully realized one like Blizzard is unrealistic. And even if Blizzard had developed this would be bug ridden and underdeveloped. MMO's take a little time after launch to get going....
It is ridiculous to compare this game to WoW in that sense, but in the sense that both are charging the same monthly fee it is entirely reasonable to compare them in the sense of paying for a complete game or an incomplete game. I never played WoW, but I know enough about it to know that it was twice as complete as STO at launch and it is likely that STO could get regular updates for more than a year and never be as complete or deep as WoW and many other, even most, MMOs are at launch. STO has one complete faction (Feds) that is somewhat light on content though full enough to play through once even though there is some repetition from the Genesis system while games like WoW and most traditional MMOs have content for not just one faction but multiple factions and often times multiple classes as well.

Simply put, STO is nowhere near a finished game not even in the sense that people say MMOs are "never finished" and the Klingon non-faction is proof of that. It is one thing to put in Klingons as a PvP faction but that is not evne close to half realized, let alone then being a full and proper PvE/PvP faction.

Originally Posted by Darkstahr View Post
And the character creator in this game has anything WoW has beat by a MILE. The kind of customization I can do with Cryptic games has yet to be beat anywhere...including Wow.
Not to say that having more character creation options is not better than less, but beyond the first 10 minutes after making a character I am not really sure I see the benifit of the only rich element of the game being character creation. As I said, once that first ten minutes making your toon is passed how is it the character creation options make the game worthy of paying $15 a month to play?

Originally Posted by Darkstahr View Post
I guess what I'm saying is..patience people....this game is going to get better. But I think we all realized that Cryptic had to get this game launched on time. And they launched a game that is as good at launch as any others... with less resources.
Patience? Did Cryptic announce that they are extending open beta and that subscription fees will be suspended until the game is complete? If not then there is no justification for patience, this is a live game. A live game with a faction that is so hollow and incomplete is is shockingly hard to believe they actually even have it enabled.

As for the resources they had or didn't have - please. What does that have to do with anything? The only resource STO lacked was the decency, professionalism, and work ethic by Cryptic to build a quality product and then release it rather than to set a date and build the best they could before that date came. And don't give me the 'ole 'it is Atari's fault' crap either - Cryptic is a private company and didn't have to sign any contract they didn't agree with so whatever the case is with Atari's influence you can rest assured than Cryptic was a fully willing party in this whole thing.

Look, I don't dislike what the game can be, I don't even dislike the idea of Klingons as PvP focused. But I do dislike the way this unfinished game as been offered up by Cryptic as complete and ready for paying customers when they know full well it is 4-6 months minimum (under non live circumstances) from being even close to finished. Seeing the Klingons as I have playing today just cements in my mind how absolutely ridiculously early this game was released.