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02-13-2010, 07:41 PM
I find it amazing every time an MMO comes out that people say how bad it is and compare it to WoW and then other people come in and say WoW was just as bad when it came out.

Thing people do not seem to be understanding is, we have been corrupted by WoW and will not tolerate a bad relase MMO, all the MMO's that have come out in last 2 years would probably know this.
They probabaly had a huge influx of players at release but over teh firs few weeks most people go back to WoW because the new MMO its just stupid, lacking content, lacking obvious features that WoW has instilled in us like second nature.

I say thi as an obvious fact, if you cannot release a MMO, with the same sort of features people want & need and are used to in WoW, then you are only setting your self up to fail.

at least STO - added most of the basic features, Mail, Auction House, etc

I did not buy a lifetime subscription to this game like others are regreting, but I did buy the collectors edition, I waited 2 years for this game, and the ONLY THING they got 100% spot on in my opin were the Shields.

The shields shimmer from attacks all 360o around teh ship the attack stops at teh shield bubble and does not proceed thru to the hull in a glithcy impact, the shields are spot on, its just the rest of teh game sucks so far.

like many others, I have only been laying since Thursday 11/2/10 and only a few hours a day and already I am very board.

You either choose to play klingon who are OP in PvP and kick butt but have no real quests, or you play Fed who have quests but suck in PvP.

but beyond that the game in general is just PLAIN so kiddy basic, I just read someone say CRYPTIC is KNWON for there basic style for casual gamers.

THANKYOU for saying that I did not fully realise that, I played CHAPMPION and now STO and both fall in same catergory of simple, brainless efortless, no real fun.

Good to know thats how CRYPYIC make there games, so I dont get sucked into a 3rd MMO of theres.