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02-13-2010, 09:26 PM
Originally Posted by DeWitt_LSF
I have a theory (might be way off) about auto-teaming and server stability and lag. The system was set up so we would hopefully use auto-teaming all or most fo the time. However, with some of the problems inherent in how it actually works (AFKers, exponentially large spawns after 3 people are on the team, other stuff) almost all of us don't use it. That has to put a lot more strain on the hardware than they planned, with say 500 instances of the P'Jem mission instances at once (guestimate).

SO I pose this question - if they manage to fix he problems with auto-teaming that make us not want to use it, and in turn more use will reduce the server strain and lag, will more of us choose to turn it back on? I think I for sure would.
I always have it on. Period. Always have always will.

Really Im not sure why. The only time I turned it off was in OB when I ran a simple mission three times and kept getting stuck with other players that would just fly off on their own and do whatever.

Did it on my own and completed it easily.

But other than that I use the thing.