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02-13-2010, 09:42 PM
Also running an 8800GTS 512 with 2.4 duo and 4 gigs of ram. Was experiencing heat issues until I tried many of the suggestions here (frame rate limits, lower setting, Feb 2010 directx, latest drivers etc) all of those combined dropped my max temps from 90 to 78. I should note most other games I play max my temps at 65, so I went from 25 above normal to just 13 above with recommendations I saw in this forum.

Not entirely satisfied I began experimenting with the settings under the "troubleshooting" section and found one setting that greatly improved my temps I haven't seen mentioned yet.

GPU-accelerated particles : setting this to "off" dropped my temps nearly another 10 degrees to sub 70 max and mid 60s average in every area I have been so far.

Hopefully this will help someone still having problems.