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02-13-2010, 10:18 PM
first of course, server issues. I don't like getting booted 5 times an hour at peak playing time.
short term:
1. make the map more user friendly, allow a player to zoom in on a sector that he is not in. allow a player to do a system search of all sectors not just the one he is in.
2. add civilian clothes to the costume options
3. give the option to holster weapons
4. allow all weapons to auto fire in space and on the ground. The way it is now is really annoying.
5. make it so that when you reinforce a shield, it continues to reinforce itself until you tell it to stop.
6. allow me to close the invite box while on my bridge. please
7. allow full impulse in combat at great expense to shields and weapons.
mid term:
1. add a role planner for away team members. for any of you who have played dragon age origins, you know what I'm talking about. it basically lets you program the AI for your team members. for instance you can tell the science bridge officer to act as a healer and to prioritize which characters he heals and what their health has to drop to before he heals them. it also tells the bridge officers who to assist, and how to use their special attacks.
2. This may just be a pet peeve of mine, but I really dislike the whole chat interface with name@name, it's a cryptic thing and it just irks me but other players might be fine with it.
3. integrated voice chat. it's MMORPG standard now, I'm not sure why a new game doesn't have it.

long term:
1. fully explorable player ships. This is absolutely vital.
2. full 3-d flight. roll, pitch yaw, the ability to move left and right along the y axis without yawing, and the ability to ascend and descend on the z axis without pitching.
3. allow players to fill bridge officer slots on your ship. i.e. a science officer player could sit at the science console on your ship and execute his science officer abilities. same with tactical and engineering. tactical would fire weapons and use tactical abilities. Engineer would route power, reinforce shields, and so on. The captain would pilot the ship, and give commads to the bridge crew through integrated voice chat (hint).
4. ventral and dorsal shields