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02-13-2010, 11:28 PM
Originally Posted by Slamz
I don't have a problem with multiple RSPs actually.

I have 3 of them on my cruiser. I think it helps pace the battles slower, which is something I think this game needs. Even with 3 of them there's still a long window where I'm open to being killed (and I still have to watch out for things which can just plain turn my shields off, which RSP does nothing to help you with).

And of course with 3 RSPs I don't have as much ally healing available. If I could convince everyone else to pick up 2x Extend Shields, I could probably just keep 1 RSP for emergencies and get ally heals the rest of the time.

Viral Matrix is annoying but really, it's an annoying higher level power that can be killed by a tier 1 power (which doubles as a useful heal). Once they let us Medical Team ourselves, I think Viral Matrix will be borderline useless.

I also like Aceton and Target Subsystem Weapons II. I also suspect that Target Subsystem Engines II would be good as well. They seem to put on a debuff that lasts for 30 seconds and while I haven't tried the Engine one, the Weapon one makes a noticable dent in the target's DPS.

So while there are some popular skills that you basically can't live without, I do think there's good diversity out there.

Incidentally, I'd love to see the devs try a big change like cutting all DPS by 50% and all healing by 60%. Slow the killing rate down and slow the healing rate down by a little more than that.

Cause without RSP at Captain level, you can lose your cruiser way too fast.
I agree with most everything, except for the part about stacking RSP. I don't do it, cause I fully believe that it should be nerfed to share a 1 min global each. Maybe it's my loss, but I refuse to do it, although so many do.

The problem with stacking RSPs is that pretty soon, everyone will do it. There won't be healing needed, and it'll all be bleedthru deaths, save the occasional engineering team or hazard emitters. Anyone w/o will be primaried first, and nothing the rest can do, cause they all have their 'I'm invincible" buffs. Those who don't, like me, will soon realize they need to. Then the only one's screwed are the science ships and fed escorts. They can't abuse RSP the same way, unlike klingon carriers, cruisers, and BoPs (poor raptor).

Damage and healing should be lowered across the board, and/or increase shield strength and lower regen. No one likes being insta popped, and no one likes shooting someone who pops RSP, waits a few seconds, and then pops RSP again. It gets old real fast.