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02-13-2010, 11:30 PM
Originally Posted by T-Lani
I think Cryptic were coerced into releasing the MMO ahead of schedule, I think I've read that somewhere which is from where else I've read unsurprising with Atari. However I've had fun doing the PvP and have found it well balanced so far as to say that, the most quickly organised team wins often.
That is bull. Crytpic is just as much to blame or to credit for how the game is at launch as Atari or anyone else. People do work under contract and with agreements with partners all the time, if they entered an agreement that required to to release on a date certain without having enough time to get done (i.e. 2 years) then not only are they stupid for thinking 2 years was enough time for an AAA MMO but they are fully culpable for entering in to that contract/agreement. But that aside, the idea that publishers are these evil all powerful controlling entities forcing developers to give up on their pursuit of perfection and release early is as much reality as unicorns and pixies. Publishers make deals with developers to be sure, but there are no innocent developers when they take the cash and sign the contract but cannot deliver as contracted or simply rush to get things good enough by their due date.