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02-13-2010, 11:50 PM
Originally Posted by gHz
Do you guys have no pride in your work?
This is a great question.

The state of Klingons on launch shows no pride in their work. Terrible, very basic content that's hardly fit for a high school student's game design project.

What we launched with is really inexcusable. Frankly, Cryptic owes us an apology, at the least.

It has certainly tainted my view of Cryptic as a game company. Just because you have a good engine, good artists and good animation doesn't mean you have a good game. Good games need good systems. Not just "here's a map, here's 10 people on the map, go shoot each other 40 times". That's rubbish. That's something a hobby game programmer would come up with in his spare time because it's easy. It's not something you'd expect from a veteran team with 3 other MMORPGs under their belt and access to a major license. I've seen modders write better games than this (the Empires mod for HL2 was quite good, really -- and Team Fortress started as a mod too).

Cryptic, your PvP design so far is just awful. I think you owe us some serious discussion time on how you should and will address this, with specifics so that we can give you feedback and tell you if you're on the right track or not.