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02-13-2010, 11:10 PM
Short Term:


- Offer ALL types of weapons from exploration stores and from the 'epic' store

- Allow 'epic' items to be given and equiped by bridge officers

- Add sort function to Exchange

- Increase stack size for food, batteries, consumables, power cells, samples

- Increase amount of items allowed to be posted on exchange

- Show the GENDER of Bridge officers on the Exchange

Mid Term:

- Fix memory alpha upgrade system with clear indicators of progress. Add the rest of the stores and increase the options available from them.

- Increase difficulty of the game at a higher incline approaching Admiral.

- Increase the Borg shield power / resistances for ground combat

- Increase Borg shield power / resistances and HP for space combat significantly, Especially Cubes.

- Increase Undine vessels to match these new Borg values


Long Term:

- Add the Romulans

- Add the Klingons

- Allow the option to get 'epic' Bridge officers you can build from start to finish like your character in creation screen. A.K.A Select race, traits, profession, looks, uniform

- Allow the option to upgrade player ships. A.K.A Turning the Defiant into a T5 ship with equal level of officer stations at the same level as T5.

- Allow the option to upgrade officer stations for existing ships. A.K.A Allowing a Fleet Escort to upgrade the Ensign Engineer, Lt Stations all the way to commander

- Increase the amount of options in the ship model customisation menu to include models of other ship classes. A.K.A Turn my Fleet escort into the visual appearance of the Prometheus without having to switch ship classes to get my prefered model.

- Add Fleet actions against ALL races, Terrans, Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Borg, Gorn, Undine etc. In both space AND ground flavours.

- Add the ability to make private content specifically for Fleets to do as a group with goals and rewards to match

- Player Fleet starbase / HQs that can be bought / built for suitable price

- Territorial Engagements allowing factions to claim and take space from rival factions. A.K.A Federation vs Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian

- Random invasion events like on the last day of Beta with the Borg with concise goals for the entire factions to participate for some reward.