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02-14-2010, 12:01 AM
Originally Posted by Darkarma View Post
Various suggestions that should be added to STO's control menu

Adds a crosshair to the center of the window/screen.

Its not a shooter. Headshots mean nothing. Pitty.

Lock Breaker Toggles
Broken Line of Sight
Toggle this to automatically clear a target from being locked onto the moment they are no longer within line of sight.


Delayed Broken Line of Sight (1 through 5 second)
Like the previous toggle except that it waits 1 to 5 seconds based on the user's preference before breaking the target lock once the target is no longer in line of sight.

Lock Time Break
Breaks lock on a target after X seconds regardless of their actions or line of sight.

Auto Target Locking Toggles
Center of the Window
When using an attack and no target is selected, the opponent closest to the window's center will automatically be selected

Lowest Health
Weights the opponent in view that has lowest health will be selected

Kinda cheating, We should just be able to see the life bars of enemies

Lowest Shield
Weights the opponent in view that has lowest shield will be selected

See above

Weights the possibility of flanking damage as a priority when selecting targets.

.. OK Now.. im not a computer, I'll just go Long A

Clustered Opponents
Will select an opponent with the most players around them

Opponent Buildings
Weights constructions placed by opponents as higher priority targets

Ok Now its sounds like your asking for an API to go botting....

Engineer/Tactical/Science Officers/Players
Select order of priority for auto target.

Destructible Projectiles
Automatically switch target to projectiles when launched and are destructible.

Other Toggles
Avatar Outlines
Destructibles, Enemy Constructions and Enemies will be outlined with the appropriate red or blue colors. Also outlines interactable objects at a greater distance.

Floor Mapping
Players on a different floor/levels than the user will be hidden

Players on a different floor/level will be darkened or tinted to delineate that they are no on the same floor as the user.

Pointer Ring
Places a ring of 3D arrows around the user that point to locations of allies and foes that correspond to their location on the map and z location.

Combat View/First Person View
Allow the user to control their avatar in first person shooter style and control scheme
I agree with First person view. This over the shoulder aiming sucks when he likes to phaser standing up and I get a face full of ass. And the ground game just feels wrong. Transitions betweens moving left and right, forward and back. Clipping on tiny bits of poorly made collision meshes...

I would expect some fat corporate bean counter to move that slow. But not a Starfleet Officer.