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02-14-2010, 12:16 AM

- Auto-fire for all weapons.
There's a huge thread already on it, and I made a well thought out post that gives ideas why this would work for the betterment of Star Trek Online (multi-instance playing, and network performance improvements being two of them).

- A new chat interface.
The chat interface is currently unworkable, between all of the spam and players, and that there are times when the game will jump to the chat while attempting to maneuver, and sometimes opens windows while trying to time. Private windows and a more reliable chat interface is badly needed.

- Sorting the Exchange
The Exchange needs functionality to sort by name, type, and price. This is critical because right now it's extremely hard to find the cheapest price on an item, unless there is less than a hundred items listed.


- Selectable Red Alert SFX
There are ships in this game that fit the current Red Alert sound, but ships like the Sabre need a more Defiant-isk like Red Alert sound, and the Nova should also apply with this rule as well. An easy fix is to be able to choose what Red Alert sound players want to use.

- Turbolift Doors
More textures for the turbolift doors inside Federation ships. They look semi-TOS, and although I wouldn't mind in the Miranda, it doesn't fit in a Sabre. More diversity is needed.

- Destructability
One of the weaknesses (and strengths) in this game is that there is no real way to hurt yourself in this game; it's like a padded room. The worst that can happen is having to wait 15 seconds until you respawn. In other games, you lose your ship, you've lost it forever. A penalty should be added for losing a ship, as right now just flying in guns blazing on one specific ship is a perfectly good strategy. It shouldn't be.

- Viewscreen Depth
A very simple fix; like in space stations, the viewscreen should have depth. Even if it isn't animated like now, adding a very simple box to the wireframe, and adding a skybox of sorts would give the feel of depth, and look less fake than it does now.


- Ship Interiors
Being able to walk through your entire ship, particularly the Ready Room (which would be great for Fleet meetings). An ability to sit in the chairs would add to the feel.

- Flying from the Bridge
It would be neat to have a Starfleet Academy/Bridge Commander-esque view of the Bridge while flying missions or in combat.

- Volunteer Program
Some other MMO's have volunteer programs that helps reduce the load off of the developers. There certainly seems to be a vibrant community here; why not tap into this resource?