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02-14-2010, 01:51 AM
Originally Posted by Mojokujo
Pve is redundant...

Mentality was mixxed between mature Trekkie fans and complete noobs. Can't say it's worse on fed side (though it is only because that's where the bulk of the server population is). Pvp queues have anywhere from 30 to 130 people waiting to pvp, barely anybody on Klingon side. Which is crazy because the PVE in game is pretty worthless. Anyways, has anybody else seen this to be the bigger problem vs. Viral matrix etc...
I only PvE as my fed (his not really set up for PvP and would just embarase me and the Surian race as a whole) as a Klingon I have done my share f ground PvP. However I wont stay in a map where its 5 vs 2 getting ganked over and over again is no fun. I can only do the same mission so many times before I am completly bored of it. Deserted facility is probably my favourite as its a fraction larger than then others and feels like an old facility.