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02-14-2010, 02:36 AM
Short-term requests

1) Make the ground characters proportional to the environment. If I was on the Enterprise-D, my character would stand about as tall as door bell panel.
2) Stop the starships flying indoors/character floating in the vacuum of space glitch.
3)Add more non-interactive NPCs pretty much everywhere. Risa appears to be some random ppl on a small beach and a circle of ppl dancing.

Mid-term requests

1) Fix the death penalty! Suggest: Dont let dead crew regenerate and add an NPC to buy crew from the personnel dept at the starbase. Suggest: Longer respawn times each time you die.
2) Add more PVP zones and revamp the system for rewards in PVP for all races. Make PVP a kind of mission and have all parts of the game appeal to hardcore PVP-er and carebear alike.
3) Fix the death penalty!!! Yes I said this again because I cant stand flat, emotionless gameplay.

Long-term requests

1) Work diplomacy into the game. Reference Eve and faction standings. Open the door for interesting missions by varying NPC response based upon standing. Star Trek has never been about just combat, its about exploration and understanding as well.
2) Build the inside of your ship. Make the bridge functional. See Star Trek Voyager Elite Force 1 and 2 for interior ideas.
3) Get your entire organization focused on the customer experience and your ROI will be very high.