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02-14-2010, 02:46 AM
Short term

•Documentation on what skills and upgrades do and also showing there effect on the skills/stats for example where a prefire chamber up grades the cannon shot have this show when cannon info screen comes up.

•Its annoying standing in a room of identical computers then being told to find a different but identical computer, more variety in props.

•More uniform options automatically changing to fit different times, for example one when in a star base with weapon holstered on entry, one for away missions

•More options for the exchange on sorting by price etc

•Fix where in space combat you click on a control and it doesn't register.

Mid Term

•Skill points for ships, so we can improve our ships and not rely on new one at each level. Would add variety at T5 would allow players to upgrade consoles, change statistics (such as turn) or HP or buy new weapons slots for there ships. A deminishing return for points spent and a cap could be used for balance for example to stop an escort turning into a tank for example.

•Customisable Ship interiors ready rooms, quarters to show off personal items, customise it, make it your own, main engineering, sickbay, all that.

•Missions taking place on your own ship, chance to explore, interact with the crew and more get to know the bridge officer missions etc a lot of star treks appeal is the familiarity with the main cast, could be based on stance for example 2 brawlers get into an argument and you have to mediate,

•More episodic missions, these are what makes the game like star trek, city at the end mission ark is one of the best in any MMO i've played. Also fleet/group epic missions where all of the members can participate in there own instance.
It could be balanced by the weapons/shields etc of all lower ranked ships temporarily increading to the level of the mission.

•Exploration missions...flying through unexplored space you find more colonies and klingons/romulans etc would love some first contact ones where you have to talk to aliens, look around then use what you've found to try and make friends, for example could shake hands with a species where there king cant be touched and have to fight your way out or offer him food and have him reward you.

•staging room with tactical information displays just before PVP and fleets so the fleet members congregate before the mission and can discuss stratagy etc.

Long term

•New engine

•improved genesis system and ground missions in bases/starbases need more variety in there graphics, size and layout. Make cover an issue with main, BO and AI enemies having the option of using cover there moved near for example firing over crates and ducking back down. Could be done with a change in the miss chance.

•Holodeck missions to try out theoretical ship setups (for example select number/typr of enemies or where you and your group can go play through classic encounters from the shows as well as holobooks like captain proton and shirlock holmes.

•Flying from the bridge, what i would love to do is actually talk to the bridge crew for example saying "FIRE", "emergency power to the shields" or "set course for Sol....engage". Auto fire, a captain would not sit there and tell the tac officer to fire every three seconds.

•Make the world more open and dynamic within the neutral zones make it one big universe with all the players on together.