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02-14-2010, 03:31 AM
Originally Posted by Digglez
Too bad your wrong. Tachyon harmonic is available from lvl 1. Science officer ability tricorder scan is what, lvl 4 or 6?
Tachyon is absolute garbage. Only works if they have a shield up, does like a sixth of their overall shield in damage, and the knockback is no better than that on most pulse rifles. And the sets it tend to be attached to are sonic pulse/triage, which is basically a single melee attack in PBAoE instead of just 180% forward, and the weakest heal in the game on the longest cooldown. Whoopee.

So basically, nobody in their right mind would be using that kit.

Only two viable kits are medic (healing yourself since the hot makes you sorta-immune to exposes for a short bit), and exobiologist (I think that's the one?) with the stasis field which can be used with stun phasers to be very annoying. Both of those kits lack any sort of punch though, so you only kill people who have no clue how to run or defend themselves, or more likely, by harassing them until your team focuses them down.

I personally chose medic all the time because as fun as the holds are, running up to them and mashing melee is actually worse by far, which every other kit WITH damage abilities will be doing to you anyways as you try and get off a stasis field.

Anyways, all this really means is ground combat is pretty garbage in design overall.