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02-14-2010, 04:33 AM
I'm curious, what tier are you talking about?

After hitting Admiral 45 (Science) I made my Klingon (Tactical) which is T2 by now, and we get our ass handed to us everytime in PVP vs Feds (Ground). We aren't premade, but stick together and most Klingons know how to increase our chances. But afterall, Feds hit too hard and can take too much. (I don't think it's me who's the problem, I've done quite a dozen ground combats vs Feds now and it's the same with every team I join).
Surprisingly, I wanted to check out Ground PVP with my Fed this morning for the first time, and we were just overrun by Klingons. But this was my first time so I was probably not well equipped for PVP.